Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?

Many of you must be puzzled by the question: why do dogs eat rocks? let’s try to answer them right away.

Some dogs have an unusual habit of eating stones, stockings, plaster and similar objects or substances that can cause them problems. Although you can stay without your belongings, such items and materials may pose a health risk to your pet.

Ingesting non-food items is a disorder called Pica. It usually appears in puppies and dogs aged up to six months, and in its necessary form, it can be continued in older dogs after the phase of environmental research. The cause of such behavior may be the lack of some nutrients, signs of metabolic diseases, symptoms of anemia, digestive system diseases, parasites, etc. For healthy dogs,who are incredibly motivated to look for items outside which are not food and swallow them, is a compulsive disorder in behavior. Causes of such behavioral problems may be anxiety, stress-stricken dogs at home, the lack of physical activity, and looking for attention from the owner. The dog who thinks he is neglected will seek attention, even if it is a negative one.

If your dog is fed correctly with a quality dog food that meets all of its nutritional needs and is completely healthy, you can try to break the bad habits and bad behavior of your dog. Whenever possible, disable access to home-based items that it might swallow. When you are walking your dog, it would be best that it is on a leash, because it will be easier for you to control and prevent it from swallowing stones or other “interesting” items.

Symptoms to be watched for after your dog eats a rock:

  • Vomiting – After your dog chews or swallows a stone, you should pay attention to vomiting. He will try to vomit to expel it. During repeated vomiting, irritation of the esophagus, throat, and tonsillitis occurs. Often due to such irritated tones, there is an increase in the release of white foamy mucus. If he can’t expel the rock, you should call your veterinarian.
  • Lack of eating and drinking – Watch your dog’s behavior after he has eaten a rock. If he shows little or no interest in his food or water, this may indicate that there is a problem such as intestinal blockage.
  • Lethargy – Your pet can’t tell you if something is wrong with him, so they need to be monitored. Lethargy manifests through a state of sleepiness, inactivity, and indifference in which the reaction to sound, light, or touch is slowed down.It associates with a variety of symptoms that can be related to the underlying disease and in most cases is the first indication of a condition.

Provide your dog enough physical activity throughout the day, in the form of long walks and games that will spend the energy he would otherwise focus on finding items that can swallow (especially with puppies). Get him an animation, like interactive toys where you can put food, which will make him interested and motivated to find. Train him to come when you call him, to “let go,” sit or lie on the command, of course, with positive motivation by rewarding him with food or praise. Over time, he will achieve better obedience; the dog will get the attention he needs and allow him to refocus the attention before he wonders to swallow any other foreign matter. With this, we are sure now that most of you would have got the answer to the question of why do dogs eat rocks?

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