What Is A Shih Tzu And How Do You Identify One?

Let’s start directly with the question: What is a Shih Tzu and how do you identify one? His name in a literal translation means a small lion, but there is nothing wild about this cute little dog. He is a dog eager to love, and always friendly. Shih Tzu is an ancient dog and, according to historical data, is one of the 14 oldest breeds of dogs on earth. Images on the Chinese caves testify that the small Shih Tzu walked about 8,000 years before the new era. Today’s appearance, as experts say, is thanks to mixing the races – Pekingese and Lhasa Apso.

It is believed that this race was cultivated by the Tibetan monks who donated them to royal families. In their courts, especially during the reign of the Ming dynasty, Shih has occupied an important place as a favourite fief. If the nobility learned that someone tortured these dogs or mistreated them – he would have been killed at the moment. They slept on the feet of their noble owners to warm them during cold winter. Even today, when we see this dog with a tanned, long, silky hair to the floor, it works royal – like a dog with a velvet padded pillow.

The most famous legend about this race says that this cute little dog was a faithful Buddha companion. On their way, the robbers intercepted the Buddha and wanted to rob him, and at that moment this tiny dog turned into an angry lion that scattered the rooks. Immediately afterwards, he became the Shih Tzu again, and the Buddha took him in his arms and kissed him. Many dogs of this race on the head have white hairs, and according to the legend, these are places that the Buddha kissed. Many people believe that Fu dogs, statues in front of Buddhist temples, actually replicas of dogs breed Shih Tzu

Nature and character

He is a dog eager to love, not hunting. It is a very attached, joyful and friendly dog ​​that is ideal for every home. They will keep track of their owners in a stop, and enjoy their wings and pampering. It is a great choice for people who did not have dogs before, as well as for the elderly. He loves children, family life makes him the happiest and is very friendly to foreigners as well. It also agrees very well with other dogs. His goal is not to let anyone ignore him. And it always works. His cheerful and playful nature leaves no one indifferent,and everyone wants to help him or play with him.

In recent years, the Shih Tzu has stepped out of the wings into sports water where he achieved excellent results in obedience, polygon and agility. He is extremely intelligent,and his education and learning of tricks are usually extremely easy because he learns quickly. He can also be stubborn, but if you reward him for good behaviour with food or a delicious snack – he will always be obedient. Many dogs of this race are known as great barkers.


Although, of course, these dogs cannot fly – they are not aware of it. Their owners testify that they will joyfully jump and “fly” from one chair to another or a sofa in the apartment. These dogs do not need much exercise, regular walks twice a day are quite enough to be happy, but the game is therefore mandatory. And in large quantities. It is very flexible so that it will enjoy the same in the apartment, as well as in the countryside or the farm.

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It is often called the chrysanthemum dog because of the hair that grows on his face in all directions, so it resembles a flower with a black carrier between the patties. It is also characteristic of irregular bites because the lower jaw is ejected. It’s a little dog, but stamen, powerful.


You need to comb Shih Tzu’s hair and brush every day so that the hair is beautiful and healthy, and that does not get muddy. It appears in several colours – black, black and white, grey-white or red-white (as well as combinations of these colours – more than 19 combinations). The standard also describes that the tail and forehead have a white bow. These dogs need frequent bathing, and as the care of his hair can be a challenge – many owners choose to leave care to professional scum. If you want your dog’s hair to be short, you should cut it once every four to six weeks.

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