5 Things to Know About Havanese

5 Things to Know About Havanese

Havanese breeds are one of the most adorable dogs out there. They just melt your heart when they run to you. It is named Havanese as it has a Cuban heritage. The dog is very hairy and looks quite similar to Maltese.  It makes a lovely pet as it is very easy to live with, and it makes such a good companion. These adorable balls of fur make a brilliant addition to any family, and the following are some of the facts you need to know about Havanese dogs:

5 Things to Know About Havanese

The dog’s silky coat has a purpose:

Havanese dogs are known for their long and silky fur. Most of us get confused and think that the dog has hair to protect itself from the harsh cold weather, but it is actually there to protect it from the sun. These furs serve as a barrier and protect the dog from overheating. So try not to trim too much hair from your dog. You need to take care of your dog by continually brushing its hair, and you also should know that it is a dog with high grooming needs. It sheds a considerable amount of hair but usually does not cause any allergies.

Havaneses are affectionate and smart:

These dogs are very friendly, and they are intelligent, so they learn all the tricks you teach them very quickly. Try not to be harsh with them as they can get sensitive when you behave harshly with them. So, avoid any kind of strict training and focus on positive reinforcement. They make an excellent companion and have a great disposition. They are friendly with everyone, and thus you really can’t expect them to guard your home.  They are solely companion dogs and adapts well to apartment living.

Cuban origin:

The breed originally is from the Bichon family. The Havanese breed was discovered by the Europeans in the 18th century when they were vacationing in Havana. The bouncy dog captured the hearts of many and instantly became a hit among the British, French and Spanish nobility. Later the breed was taken to the United States in Castro’s revolution.

They can’t bear loneliness:

Havanese breeds need a constant companion. If you leave them alone, they tend to get depressed. They are very energetic and require daily exercise. If you do not have the time to take your dog out for a walk at least two days a week, then it is advised that you don’t get this breed. They have a high energy level and love playing all the time.


These dogs live quite a long life. The average lifetime of a Havanese breed dog is about 10 to 15 years. They are not prone to health issues and thus tend to live a long life. With proper care and love, your dog can live a long and full life.

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