What To Give Dogs For Car Sickness

Whether you want to bring your pet dog on a road trip or even just home from the pet shop, you might want to consider one small problem before you do so. Much like us humans, man’s best friend can also face motion sickness problems during car rides. Research has shown that there is no particular breed of dog that is more or less adversely affected by car sickness than other dogs. Although car sickness typically occurs more often in younger dogs or puppies (as their ear structures are not wholly in form yet), it could also affect older dogs as well. If you’re worried about what to give dogs for carsickness, then fret not! There are many ways to prevent or to lessen the effects on your pet dog until you arrive at the intended destination, be it a long or short car ride.

Why Do Dogs Eat Rocks?

Many of you must be puzzled by the question: why do dogs eat rocks? let’s try to answer them right away.

Some dogs have an unusual habit of eating stones, stockings, plaster and similar objects or substances that can cause them problems. Although you can stay without your belongings, such items and materials may pose a health risk to your pet.

How To Introduce The Family Dog To New Baby

When you have a dog in the family for some time, you have already formed a mutual bond with it. So, when you are expecting the arrival of a new baby, you obviously want the dog to get along with the baby. You might have seen countless super cute videos of dogs and babies playing together, but a little nervousness around whether or not the dog will accept the presence of a new baby is natural. The dog has probably gotten used to being babied by the family for so long that you are worried about how it might react to the family suddenly focusing on someone else.